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Up until 1979, Distillery Commons was the home of National Distillers and Chemical Company’s Kentucky Distillery, Warehouse & Bottling Plant.

Its renowned brands, Old Grand Dad, Old Taylor, Old Crow and many others were distilled, aged and bottled here since the 18th century.

Today, Distillery Commons supplies creative and professional office space to many great Louisville firms and organizations, including:

            AJ Seibert Company

Antiques at Distillery Commons

           A.P. Thompson Antiques

Body Quest

Computer Spectrum, Inc.

Headliners Music Hall

   Inner Warrior

Kinetic Properties

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency

Louisville Geek

   Productions Simple

Reese Design Collaborative

Southern Food & Snacks

T. Barrett & Associates

   The Image Centre

ThoughtFly Studios

Unique Imaging Concepts

Weightless Float Center