Free Parking Places

Bldg 600 Parking LotMinutes from Downtown, without the expenses nor the hassles!

Abundant parking just steps from the buildings

Let's do the math to calculate your savings:


You are currently reimbursing 50 employees $75 per month for downtown parking 

You are considering leasing 5,000 Square Feet (100sf per employee) of Office Space at Distillery Commons at $10 per SF per Year 


Your Parking Expense is $900 per year per employee, totaling $45,000 annually 

Your Rent Expense would be $50,000 per year 

With Distillery Commons Free Parking, you have saved $45,000 in parking fees to use for rent payments   

The Net Effect is $5,000 per year for renting 5,000 SF of unique office space, a mere $1 per SF per year  

Additional bonuses:

Your staff should be closer, having less daily distance to travel and no wasted time or gas in parking garages.

Your staff can walk to numerous great restaurants,  stroll through Cave Hill, or run or walk in Cherokee or Seneca Parks